Meet Brian Lau—a designer in New York City with strong typography skills and seven years of advertising, marketing, and design experience. He uses his mastery of digital technologies like APIs and JavaScript to bring his bold and playful designs to life.

Collisions in Memory—Immersive Web Design

We often rely on memories to guide us through important decisions in life. But they are inherently personal and prone to bias. We may experience and live through the same traumatic event, but our recollections and feelings of these experiences can diverge dramatically. This website explores the stories of those who have lived through a shared significant event and the unique and deeply personal ways we recollect, interpret, and internalize these memories.

This site subtly reflects the biases of memory through intentional design choices. The text size gradually shifts from large and legible to small and blurred with each story, echoing the natural fading of memories over time. Inspired by a series of interviews, the visuals are creatively coded and inherently influenced by the curator’s bias. Gradient transitions along with layered and overlapping audio capture the intricate nature of memory, emphasizing its dynamic quality and our tendency to selectively recall specific details.

Motivated by a desire to reflect on the memories of family and friends, this project evolved into a cathartic outlet celebrating our resilience in overcoming shared challenging events. While our recollections may differ, we are all healing at our own pace and in our own way. The stories and artwork on this website aim to inspire you to not only look at your personal memories, but also ask about others’ experiences, hopefully fostering a deeper connection and cultivating more empathy for those around you.

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