Meet Brian Lau—a designer in New York City with strong typography skills and seven years of advertising, marketing, and design experience. He uses his mastery of digital technologies like APIs and JavaScript to bring his bold and playful designs to life.

Urban Groove—Visual Identity

The visual identity developed for the imaginary Urban Groove music festival is a testament to the vibrancy and excitement of outdoor concerts in the bustling city of New York. With an emphasis on capturing the essence of these festivals, I created a visual language to encapsulate the fun, thrilling, and at times, even chaotic nature of these events. The overlapping typography creates a sense of movement and energy, with bold and dynamic letterforms that convey the rhythm and vibrations of music. Meanwhile, the color palette is a celebration of electric hues that mirror the pulsating exuberance of the festival scene, capturing the excitement and passion of the people who attend these events.

View the Figma website prototype here